DAY 11: Hoisin Chicken and Green Beans

I had a quick little hoisin chicken with garlic green beans while I watched the season two finale of American Horror Story!

I marinated the chicken in hoisin, green onions, ginger, garlic, lime juice and zest, and salt and pepper and cooked stove too!

DAY 10: Steak Dinner

It’s important to celebrate the little things in life. Today, I decided to make a meal worthy of a celebration. I rarely eat red meat, so I thought it was appropriate to make a recipe with it.
I made a petite sirloin with red wine sauce and fingerling potatoes. It was delicious! And it only cost about $4 a plate!


Not bad for college living!
All I did was pan cook the meat about 5 minutes on each side in olive oil. Then I reduced 2 cups of red wine for about 20 minutes and melted a tablespoon of butter into it.
For the potatoes, I put olive oil, salt and pressed garlic on the potatoes and baked at 375 for an hour.
A very easy yet decadent meal for the gluten free person!

DAY 9: stressed

Today was pretty stressful because I have been preparing for a 40 minute nutrition presentation that I am supposed to give tomorrow. I had to cram meals in, and they weren’t that tasty. My lunch consisted of a can of black beans. That’s it. My dinner was leftovers from the night before. Not an exciting gluten free day, but a realistic student day. After my presentation tomorrow, I’m rewarding myself with some treats from whole foods!
More exciting recipes to come!
Other than that, I have a high every level! Yay gluten free!

DAY 8: enchilada pie

Today I had some time to make a baked dinner so I made enchilada pie!

It only takes about 30 minutes to make including bake time.
I sautéed some onions, zucchini, corn, peas, olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I turned off the heat and melted in goat cheese.

Then in a ceramic baking dish I put in a corn tortilla with a little enchilada sauce.

The next layer is the vegetable mixture.

And then I just repeated the tortilla and vegetable layers until I reached the top of the dish. I then topped the whole thing off with another corn tortilla and more enchilada sauce.

And the. I baked it in a 400 degree preheated oven for 15 minutes!
Gluten free and yummy!

DAY 6: Lentil Soup

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to post! This semester in school I’m taking two chemistry classes at the same time so my schedule is pretty hectic. But, I still managed to get a 91% on my first biochem test and a 98% on my first ochem test!
So, yesterday was day 6 of no gluten and I have to admit, I feel pretty great. I have energy and I’m able to concentrate more in class. I also get to still eat some tasty meals!
Last night I made vegetable lentil soup. I got the recipe from my mom and its pretty basic but completely delicious!

In a large pot, I cooked a tablespoon of olive oil with one yellow onion, 2 celery stalks and 2 carrots(all chopped, obviously. I cooked them for about 5 minutes and then I added 3/4 of a cup of lentils, 2 zucchini, two chopped Yukon gold potatoes a quart of chicken broth, plus more water to add enough liquid to make sure at least 3 inches of liquid covered the surface. Then I added 2 teaspoons of cumin, coriander, and dried basil with 1/3 cup of braggs liquid aminos and tamari. I then brought the mixture to a boil and reduced to a simmer. I then covered it and cooked the mixture on low for an hour and a half.
It’s so great to make on a cold fall night and this recipe makes at least 4 bowls worth!
Enjoy your gluten free meal!


DAY 5: Salad and quinoa

Today I was sitting in organic chemistry and I was absolutely starved. That type of hungry where your head hurts, your stomach aches and you can’t concentrate on anything until you get food in your belly. Usually, when I’m this hungry I always end up eating something extremely unhealthy to satisfy my hunger. However, this gluten free adventure has inspired me to eat healthy even when I’m facing hunger. So, I passed up the seed toast with goat cheese and fig spread and made myself a large and in charge lunch.

I filled up my salad bowl with about 4 cups of mixed greens, some purple cabbage, parsley, homemade hummus, salsa and quinoa. On the side I had a handful of walnuts with dried fruit. Now that lunch is over I feel completely satisfied and proud that I made a healthy choice regardless of the fact that my mind so badly wanted that gelato in the freezer.