Tea time

This morning I woke up to a steady downpour outside. On days like these, I usually just want to snuggle inside with some hot tea and a blanket… Unfortunately it’s Monday and I have class all day. So to compensate, I made myself some hot tea to go along with my breakfast. I usually don’t like to start my day with caffeine so my tea is a little different, but a lot more delicious.


I simply cut a few thin slices of ginger and one chunk of lemon and boil it in some water for about five minutes. I make sure to boil it for at least that long so that all the flavors of the lemon and ginger are infused into the water. Then I add a teaspoon of honey and that’s it!
Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and lemon helps alkalinize your blood. Honey tastes great but is also an anti microbial which makes this tea a great option to start your day!


2 thoughts on “Tea time

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