DCS, Dr. Kellyann, and the 30 day challenge

Tonight, I watched the live feed of this months DCS meeting. DCS is an awesome group of passionate, loving, and healthy people. It stands for “dead chiropractic society” which is a spin off of “dead poets society”. My dad is a Chiropractor and he has been going to these meetings since they very first began. Essentially, the meetings collect a group of Chiropractors, students, Chiropractic Assistants and family members (like me!) and talk about health, well being, chiropractic, philosophy, current research and food. I love going to these events because the speakers always get you so excited about anything and everything in your life. I always leave a DCS meeting feeling excited about life and ready to take on any projects that my passions bring along. 

*If anyone wants to check out DCS, their website is www.deadchiropracticsociety.com. They are a great group of people with ample information and open arms to anyone that wants to learn more.

Tonight, one of the speakers was Dr. Kellyann. She is a Chiropractor and a Naturopathic Doctor. She also has two masters degrees. That alone is about 10 years of schooling, so she really knows her stuff. Dr. Kellyann is a huge advocate for the Paleo diet, which I personally am a little skeptical of (mostly due to the large intake of red meat). Tonight, she discussed how many of her patients come in complaining of lethargy, depression, overweight/obesity, general sickness, and breakouts/bumps on the forehead. After completing her diet program (gluten free/paleo), her patients no longer have those symptoms!

I have always been healthy and active and a healthy weight, but over the past year (and especially the past couple months), I’ve been feeling lethargic and unable to really get out of bed in the morning. I’ll be tired all day, lack energy and occasionally get mild headaches. Also, I have never had acne or breakouts, and recently I can’t get ride of the breakouts/bumps on my forehead. So when Doctor Kellyann described those specific symptoms of being a typical gluten sensitive case, my ears perked. 

Being a Nutrition major, I like to try a multitude of diets/lifestyle types so that I can have a real opinion of them all. So, I’m going to do it. Not full paleo, but gluten. For the next 30 days, I am removing gluten from my diet. I will not replace the gluten  with processed gluten free products (such as gluten free crackers or bread) because I feel that these products are even worse than gluten in general. 

I am going to monitor my weight, forehead breakouts, energy level, and headache consistency and see if I have any positive improvements. Starting tomorrow, gluten is off the menu! 

Let the challenge begin!


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