DAY 5: Salad and quinoa

Today I was sitting in organic chemistry and I was absolutely starved. That type of hungry where your head hurts, your stomach aches and you can’t concentrate on anything until you get food in your belly. Usually, when I’m this hungry I always end up eating something extremely unhealthy to satisfy my hunger. However, this gluten free adventure has inspired me to eat healthy even when I’m facing hunger. So, I passed up the seed toast with goat cheese and fig spread and made myself a large and in charge lunch.

I filled up my salad bowl with about 4 cups of mixed greens, some purple cabbage, parsley, homemade hummus, salsa and quinoa. On the side I had a handful of walnuts with dried fruit. Now that lunch is over I feel completely satisfied and proud that I made a healthy choice regardless of the fact that my mind so badly wanted that gelato in the freezer.


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