DAY 15: greens and protein

Vegetables make me feel so clean inside. Especially a big bowl of green vegetables. I actually enjoy eating healthy, which some people might find odd. But I guarantee anyone would enjoy eating healthier more if they just stuck with it past the early crap food withdrawals. Don’t get me wrong, I also love ice cream and cookies, but I choose not to eat them very often because of how they make me feel. When I binge and eat some junk food, I feel moody, depressed, and hungry. My body is rejecting what I put into it. Everybody’s body does this also, just some people are so used to it that they associate it with their personality or with PMS.

This is my lunch today:
A green salad with a “chocolate” smoothie (recipe in a previous post). This may not look like a lot of food, but trust me, it lasts you all the way until dinner time (mostly because of all the protein in the smoothie). So I challenge anyone who’s brave enough to nix the junk food and see how much happier you become!


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