DAY 19: another challenge

My long time family friends, the Curry’s, completed a cleanse over the summer and told me about the program that they followed. I’m no stranger to cleanses myself. I’ve done juice cleanses and raw food cleanses (which I think are amazing), but this one was a little different.
They got the program from the book Clean by Alejandro Junger, MD. The book focuses on everyday toxins that your body comes into contact with and how this explains many of today’s diseases.

I bought the book yesterday and already a I am 100 pages into it. Until last year, I had a clear complexion and plenty of energy. When I moved to Arizona to go to school I began to eat a lot less healthy (mostly due to my boyfriends eating habits and me adopting them). I’m active, so I didn’t notice any weight gain, but I did notice that I became sad and I would break out a lot. That’s why I took the 30 day gluten free challenge (today’s day 19!). I noticed that my mood has lifted but my zits have not.
So I’m going to try out this 21 day cleanse and see if my body needs a little reboot! That will be my next challenge once my gluten free challenge is up!



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