Better late than never- time for something new

Friday the 18th was my last day of my gluten free 30 day challenge and I noticed a few changes by the end of it all: my skin cleared up a little bit (not 100%, but at least progress is being made), my mood lifted drastically and I wasn’t getting sick. On day 31, I binged a little and I felt horrible. I had gluten free pizza (which is gluten free but still not good for you), bread sticks (definitely not gluten free), and 2 packages of these little whole foods halloween oreo cookies (so 4 cookies in total). I felt awful. My nose was stuffed, I had a headache, I was EXTREMELY tired and my mood was low.

I don’t think that it necessarily is the gluten that affects me so much, but just what gluten foods usually contain. Foods that contain gluten are usually refined bread items with cheese and oil slathered all over them. They are also filling foods so it’s easy to replace something healthier for these unhealthful options. I don’t believe that I am gluten intolerant, nor will I totally give up on gluten foods, but now I know how these foods affect me so I want to stay away from them.

Now that this challenge is over, I am attempting a second challenge to try and totally clear up any other issues that I have been having. It’s called the “Clean Program” by Dr. Junger. Its basically a long cleanse/detox to get rid of all the toxic build up from every day sources such as air pollution, cleaning chemicals, and chemicals/hormones in food. It’s a whole body experience because not only will I be changing my diet for 21 days, but I will also participate in daily meditation, dry brushing, yoga (3x/week including my other workouts), and mindful, positive thinking. I am really excited to start this one because I have heard so many great things and I am ready to invite more health and happiness into my life.

The cleanse will go from November 1-21st. I invite anyone to participate in the cleanse with me as well and to post about their daily experiences.

Check the cleanse out online at or read the book (which has a lot more information and I found more useful) called “Clean”. The cleanse is meant for busy, every day people and shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone to do! Look it up, get some information on it, and try it out! You never know, it may just change your life.

*As a side note, the website sells the supplements and protein powders that he suggests for the cleanse, but you don’t have to use these. I’m using my own supplements from brands that I trust and I’m also choosing to not use protein powder, but instead use flax and hemp seed (which are high in protein). You can definitely use these items that he sells and I’m sure that it would be more convenient, but you don’t have to use them.


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