Clear skin now, dairy rarely

My entire life, I have never had any type of acne or break outs. Ever. Even during high school when everyone has acne or zits, I never did. I attribute it to my active and healthy lifestyle that I have always maintained. Then I went to college and the first two years I had great skin, like I always have had. Then junior year and half of senior year I had these weird forehead blackheads that were speckled all over my forehead. They looked like little bumps. No matter what face wash or cleanser or masked that I used, I could not get rid of the little buggers. I know that plenty of people say that the research points out that what you eat does not correlate with whether or not you have break outs.. but I had to test it out because nothing else made sense. I first got rid of gluten (as some of my followers know), but that didn’t really do much for my breakouts.

After that experiment, I tried to think about what has changed in my life since I started getting blackheads. There were two things: I transferred to the University of Arizona and I started eating a lot of cheese. My move to Arizona was my first thought to place the blame because I was told the dry air can cause black heads to form. However, whenever I came home (even during the long summer breaks) the breakouts didn’t clear up. So I tried quitting cheese. This was hard because I LOVE cheese. The fancy, gourmet, little cheese wheels… I can eat them by the pound. But I quit cheese (and dairy in general) cold turkey for one month. And guess what? I have never had more clear skin than any other time in my life. My complexion is bright and clean and it is worth every bite of cheese that I haven’t eaten. It’s been about a two months since I quit cheese and since then I have had a few bites of cheese here and there. However, I’ve noticed that the next day after I have cheese, I get a zit!

So for the most part, I don’t eat cheese anymore unless it’s a special occasion, and even then I limit the amount I eat to only a bite or two.

If you have blackheads or acne that has never cleared up, it’s definitely a good idea to look into what you eat as a possible suspect. Plenty of doctors tell you that there is no correlation between what you eat and your skin, but from experience, I can say there definitely is a correlation.

What have you got to lose? Try quitting some common allergen foods. Try eliminating one a month and if your skin doesn’t clear up, try the next one. Here are some common allergen foods to try eliminating:






So, start off the new year with a fresh face free of acne! Merry Christmas everyone!


2 thoughts on “Clear skin now, dairy rarely

  1. I’m convinced… quitting cheese immediately. If you can do it (the ultimate cheese guru) I must be able to 😉

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