Let’s take some shots

I like shots. I start my morning with a shot. Sometimes I even take a shot before I go to bed in order to help me sleep a bit better. Shots are great.

My days of taking VODKA shots are a bit behind me (for the most part). Now it’s all about aloe, ginger, garlic and turmeric shots! Equally as unpleasant to down as 2 oz of tequila, these shots at least give you some awesome benefits depending on which one you shoot.


Today, I took a shooter of aloe. Aloe is so gross. If you take a piece of aloe and suck on it, it literally feels like you’re sucking on a gummy bear infused with rubbing alcohol. But, unfortunately, it’s also amazing for your body.


Aloe is known for benefiting your beauty factor. It helps hair growth and can alleviate acne/help clear up your complexion. It also contains a wide range of B vitamins and amino acids as well as helps out with your immune system.

So I take a shot a day. It’s kind of fun actually. I get my friends or family to take a shot with me and the ridiculous nature of it (while also feeling good about making yourself healthy) makes the whole experience enjoyable. You know how when you’re at a bar and you don’t know anyone so you get people involved as a group to take a shot and then suddenly you’re all BFFs? This kind of has the same unifying effect! Sound ridiculous? Try it with some buddies. The worst that will happen is your skin will look great.

Bottoms up, my friends. Let’s take a shot.

(please ignore the terrible picture quality of the video… currently working on it…)


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